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Business Boost International

Finding good partners or customers in overseas markets is not an easy task. Business Boost is fully equipped to provide a complete solution to help your business grow in overseas markets. Custom designed market reports and potential sales partners will be researched and provided to get your business into new markets quicker and much more efficiently. Research specialists are available to help you design your export action plan to ensure all information provided is to your exact requirements.

Export Action Plan

The export action plan will provide you with an International growth roadmap. It provides a clear plan by identifying products/services which are most suitable for export and advice how to reach your foreign customers.

Partner Selection

The partner selection will provide you with a list potential overseas partners including company profiles, distributors, dealers, sales agents, who will all fit the selection criteria set out in the export action plan.

Client Identification

This provides a list of potential clients or end users who will all fit the selection criteria set out in the export action plan. The research team will identify the top 10 potential clients for your target country. All clients will have been contacted and will have shown an interest in your products.

Export Development

Business Boost can provide an Export Professional who can help you with the development of your export sales. This can be a cost effective way of setting up an international department for the future management of your exports.

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FREE Online Mentoring Session

This FREE session is to help you understand the process of development and then growing international sales. It is an invaluable tool for companies who need help in guidance in their global development.

Can We Help You?

Each company has different requirements and it is only when these can be analysed that it is clear whether or not help is required. If you would like a FREE evaluation to see how and where we could help your company with your own export action plan, then please contact us:

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