An International Marketing Service

Developing international trade can open doors to a whole new world but no new opportunity ever looks the same. 

We can offer a fast track solution to planning a pro-active export strategy, save time and money by identifying the right markets.

The United Kingdom is leaving the EU, the terms and conditions of trading with Europe will change after negotiations have been agreed. The impact of this provides UK businesses with a strong incentive to explore opportunities with new and emerging markets. 


Precision Data have designed a service for business’s who do not have the time or expertise to carry out an in-depth market screening and selection project. It will ensure you are getting the most out of current trade pathways, helping you quickly identify new markets, focussing your resources where they will get the best results.  

Why choose market Selection Service?

  • Leads to stronger profits by predicting demand levels and changing market dynamics

  • Practical, objective, structured approach which simplifies a complex process

  • Reduces risk, uncertainty and wasted budget on inappropriate markets

  • Clarifies thinking, builds confidence and credibility in doing business overseas

  • Encourages focus on establishing a sustainable market presence

  • Can be tailored to suit new and experienced exporters within most industry sectors


Our IMST software performs an analysis of 100’s of statistics across countries, industries and consumers and produces a user friendly, interactive and easily understandable map to export growth.

Why Precision Data?


Precision data specialises in meeting the needs of exporters who require fast, accurate and actionable market research and want to save time and money using the skills of a professional business information service.

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