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The main focus of this service is helping European companies to develop their business in Russia, to help develop market share and to achieve constant annual sales growth. In partnership with Horizon International, we can provide a cost effective way to enter the Russian market, because there is no need to set up a new legal entity, to rent an office, to hire staff, to get a work visa for the foreign employees. All this work can be done for you, whilst your business can concentrate on being competitive and proactive in the Russian market.

Legal Support

Starting business in a new country is a challenging undertaking which requires a good understanding of the national law. Horizon International provides a wide range of legal services, including. setting up a company in Russia, opening bank accounts, contract and transaction support etc. An essential part of our work is conducting due diligence of a potential business partners for your company in Russia. We check all the legal aspects of their activity to ensure a and successful safe market entry.

Business Assistance

Horizon International provides all-round business support to foreign companies in Moscow. This includes:

  • Secretary services

  • Interpretation and translation

  • Travel support

  • Finding apartment

  • Office space in Moscow

  • Recruitment

Can We Help You?

Each company has different requirements and it is only when these can be analysed that it is clear whether or not help is required. If you would like a FREE evaluation to see how and where we could help your company develop business into Russia, then please either contact us here in the UK or direct at the contact below:

Contact person: Oksana Shirko - Executive Director

Phone: +7 (495) 369-50-01 

Mobile: +7 (929) 654-48-82


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